Péter Kőszeghy Somosy de Somos

Collaboration since 2020 with the Duo Samodai&Szìves from Hungary

Latest news:

On 19 February, the Hungarian Catholic Radio broadcast our interview with the legendary Előd Juhász. 

You can listen to it here: 🎧📟https://www.katolikusradio.hu/musoraink/adas/1/575270

The duo talked about new pieces, new concerts, our work with Péter Kőszeghy the contemporary composer....a lot of things in a short hour. But of course several parts of Köszeghy`s BOT were heard.

NEW CD of the Duo Samodai-Szives from Hungary  - also on SPOTIFY

* Audio semples BOT from the first full contemporary music album "Incantation" by Samodai-Szives Duo (trumpet and percussion) - BOT is a series of trumpet-percussion pieces (32 pieces) written for Samodai-Szives Duo based upon the schemes, characters and symbols of Hungarian shamanistic traditional folk-tales. Each of them focuses the psychological imprint of the selected themes in the tales, creating more of a character-performance than a musical piece.

I., "Moon Father" Audio sample 

"In Moon Father, the Duo and Kőszeghy reworked the  percussion parts according to Márton's idea: The woodblocks were replaced by bowed marimba bars. The pentatonic range and voices, that Márton Szìves uses, fits perfectly the trumpets melody, that resembles a Hungarian song. Márton did not write the marimba part, he improvises it, following the trumpet. This solution creates that calm atmosphere of the Moon." M.Szìves

II., "Hètszünyü Kapanyànyi Monyòk" Audio sample

"Hétszűnyű Kapanyányi Monyók is about a gremlin-like character of the Hungarian tale, Fehérló Fia. A small, nervous, jumpy, smart fellow. Kőszeghy imagined him as he is always scratching himself, creating strange sounds, depicted by the woodblocks. The trumpets jumps of seventh and Unton (non-tone) style of playing expresses his ugliness and smell. The howling and screaming of the players must be the sounds the people and the gremlin emits when they meet." M.Szìves

currently working on three more new pieces from the series: 

I., Vasgyùrò ("Eisenkneter") II., Fanyüvö ("Baumfresser") III., Kömorzsolò ("Steinzerschmetterer") - Three shamanistic figures from the Feherlò Fia (An old Hungarian shamanistic tale). The premiere will take place in December 2021 in Berlin, Germany.


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