Péter Kőszeghy Somosy de Somos


* The orchestral work BD GBH from 2016, will be recorded by the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg

The recordings will be taking place on March 23rd 2021 in the Recording studio of the Orchestra in Potsdam Babelsberg.

* Order for a new Composition for the Ensemble Quillo - „Industriekultur“

ERZ for Bassclarinett, Violoncello, Celesta and Elektronics

* première feuille for Flute, Clarinet, Accordion, Violine, Violoncello

May 23th, 2021, Weimar, Germany, Festival 22. Weimarer Frühjahrstage 2021, in mon ami

played by Ensemble Via Nova, Weimar

* première BOT (cycle, Part 1) for Trumpet and Percussion

May 15th, 2021 Potsdam, Germany, Festival Intersonanzen 2021, Potsdam Museum

Played by the Samodai&Szìves DUO, Hungary

* Mini-Scholarship from the State of Brandenburg/Germany for a new work: RITUAL for two Players with self-built Instruments from Materials from the Forest and Tape with Sounds from the Forest. 

Online-concert on Youtube, December 30.2020

* prèmiere Rayon de lumière, 4th flute concerto for Judit Nagy, planned at the beginning of summer 2021 in the 

Budapest Music Center in Budapest, Hungary with Judit Nagy - flute solo

fine art

* new acrylic Pictures have been uploaded: HERE

currently working on:

*  new work for Clarinet, Violoncello and Accordion for the Trio Tempestoso, Slovenia

*  Rayon de lumière chamberconcert for Solo-Flute, Percussion and Strings for Judit Nagy, Hungary

*  HEARTLEAKS for Mezzo-soprano, Flute and Harp

for Trio Tentatio - Anne-May Krüger, mezzo-soprano, Camilla Hoitenga, flute and Héloïse Dautry, harp

new sounds on soundcloud: 

* Breathe only… for Flute and Piano

* LAVA for Flute Solo

with Camilla Hoitenga & Daniele Nava, Piano

upcoming dates: 

* December 03th, 2020, Szeged, Hungary, University, Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts,

SNAKE QUAKE for trumpet and percussion (2012)

Bence Samodai, trp. & Màrton Szìves perc. 

* November 20th, 2020, Budapest, Hungary -> Jenö Hubay Music and Artschool, Banquet Hall

SNAKE QUAKE for trumpet and percussion (2012) World Premiere

Bence Samodai, trp. & Màrton Szìves perc.

* November 20th, 2020, Jena, Germany, Künstlerische Abendschule

STAB for saxophon, guitar, accordion and double bass

Ensemble MIET+, Weimar

* November 15th, 2020 `s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Festival „November Music 2020“

Concert with Camilla Hoitenga & Eija Kankaanranta

LIPS for Flute and Harp, (2016) 

Camilla Hoitenga, Flute

Eija Kankaanranta, Cantalene

* October 2th, 2020 Wien, Austria, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien


AMOK (SCHOCK) (Version I), 2002 for Bass recorder, Piano and Sound

Luca Anna Vàrhelyi, Bass recorder

Ferenc György Regős, Percussion

Ferenc Németh, Lisa Haim, Sound

* September 6th, 2020 Berlin, Germany, St.Matthäus Kirche, 

ATEM for Double bass flute Solo (2011), Klaus Schöpp, Double Bass Flute

* August 30th, 2020 San Michele, Italy, Casa della Musica,

also with live stream on Youtube

LAVA for Flute Solo, (2016) Italian Prèmiere

Camilla Hoitenga, Flute,


Breathe only… for Flute and Piano (2016) Italian Prèmiere

Camilla Hoitenga, Flute

Daniele Nava, Piano

* August 21th, 2020 Potsdam, Germany, Festival Intersonanzen,  Kunsthaus sans titre, Potsdam

BLUT for the Fukio-Ensemble, Cologne/Germany for Saxophone quartet (2020) Premiere 

Premiere supported from „Land Brandenburg“  through the „Covid micro-scholarship“

* June 9th, 2020 Berlin, Germany, „unerhoerte musik“ BKA Theater,

sirius glow for Voice and Violoncello (2017) 

Ensemble Socell 21 - Irene Kurka, Soprano and Burkart Zeller, Violoncello

* May 22th, 2020 Potsdam, Germany, Festival Intersonanzen, Kunsthaus sans titre, Potsdam

BLUT for the Fukio-Ensemble, Cologne/Germany for Saxophone quartet, Premiere 

ENFÄLLT, wird auf August verschoben

new date: August 21th, 2020

* April 25th, 2020 by -> Microtonal Fest Prague, Czech Republic 2020

SCHACH for alto reorder and tape/fixed stereo media (2003)

recorder: -> Linnéa Sundfær Casserly (Norway)   Deleted

* March 27th, 2020, Budapest, Hungary,  -> Jenö Hubay Music and Artschool, Banquet Hall

SNAKE QUAKE for trumpet and percussion (2012) World Premiere

Bence Samodai, trp. & Màrton Szìves perc.   Deleted

* March 8th, 2020, 4 p.m. Montpellier, Occitanie, France

LIPS for Flute and Harp (2012)

Camilla Hoitenga, flute and Héloïse Dautry, harp

* RADIO: January 25, 2020, 10:05 p.m. -> Deutschlandfunk „Atelier Neue Musik“

QUADRO HUNGARICO first String Quartet, played by -> SONAR-Quartet

* exhibition opening December 12th, 2019

„Music is my Beach House“ in Bern, Schwitzerland, Outside Rohling 

The Studio shows works of art and plays the fittingly music.

KYLKHOR for 6 channel fixed media to the painting of Martin G. Schmid.

The contribution is made as part of the ten years of cooperation with the german/swiss artist -> Martin G.Schmid

currently planned:

>  a new chamber concert for Recorder Solo, stringquartett, Percussion and Electronics for Luca Anna Várhelyi, recorders (Budapest/Vienna)